The University has E- library where lecturers and students conduct research. The E-library has been upgraded in terms of capacity and quality of services. More access points are made available and the bandwidth is significantly improved and hence the access speed. The E-Library is Wi-Fi enabled, which means students can browse Electronic Resources within the Library Complex. 2-Terabytes Virtual Library

Among the E-Library facilities is a 2 Terabyte Virtual Library System, which hosted over 500 educational resources; e-books, Academic Videos, Tutorials, Presentations, and Educational software. Students interested in advanced research activities can go to the E-Library Section and request for an eBook of their interest for their academic assignments, research and projects. Also the University is currently having access to EBSCOHOST facilities which contains dozens of Electronic Academic Journals, Research papers of major International Libraries and Universities. This is in addition to current access to the National Virtual Library.


    The University Library has one (1) e-resources units, which is Virtual Library to enable staff and students access information easily. The main e-library at the lobby of the main library is the busiest e-resource unit of the library with a sitting capacity of fifty (50) users, while those at the right Hand on a total sitting capacity of thirty (30) users and a twenty left hand sight (20) library designated for Male and both are for use. AVAILABLE FACILITIES/RESOURCES The main e-library is equipped with fifty (50) thin client Laptop computers, while the left are for Female and Right for Male Students. OUTLINE OF THE AVAILABLE RESOURCES
  1. (i) Britannica Encyclopedia on CD
  2. (ii) Microsoft Encarta on CD (iii) Dictionaries on CD (vi) Software’s (System & Application) on CD (vii) Antivirus Programs (viii) Callibre (offline books) (ix) Shaamila and AlimSoftwares (x) Book accompanying CDs (xi) Library’s Website (xii) Subscribed databases (xiii) Integrated Library System (KOHA ILS) (xv) Callibre Books (xvi) Laptop Computers E-LIBRARY RULES AND REGULATIONS  Leave your Bags and Large envelop in front of the Library.  Do not enter with drinkable/eatable items in E-Library.  Playing music is prohibited.  Squeezing or damage and stealing of E-Library materials are punishable by expulsion.  Silence is the backbone of effective learning.  Sleeping is not allowed in the E-Library.  Do not Break Chairs at their own position do not misplace it.  Mutilation of E-Library Materials is a serious offense that can lead to expulsion from the University avoided.  Watching or playing movies is not allowed in the E-Library & caused devices any damage or misused will a serious punishment.  All food items are not allowed in the E-Library.  Switch off your Phones or keep at silent during practical.  Silence must be observed in and around the E-Library.  Consult the E-Library Staffs for assistance.  Cooperate with the E-Library Staffs to assist you to organize your assignment.  Charging of Phones or any other related Electronic Devices are not allowed.  Please respect the prayer time as the University Management organized 1:00 – 1:30.  Let Female student be at one side to avoid bury exploit between Female student Male students.
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