Welcome to the Department of Science Laboratory Technology

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Al-Qalam University Katsina. I wish to congratulate each of you, first on having secured your university place and second, for having the good sense to choose to study in Al-Qalam University, Katsina (AUK). The Al-Qalam University Katsina puts the student at the center of everything it does; your experience here at AUK and your success is important to each and every member of staff who works here. Your arrival at the university marks a new chapter in the story of your life. But this chapter is a bit different. The preceding chapters were largely written by others – your parents, guardians, families, teachers and the like. Now you will be the principal author of the next chapter – you have the opportunity to determine the direction, the plot and the tempo of your story. This can seem as daunting as it is exciting, as challenging as it is empowering. But the great thing is that you are doing something that you have chosen to do, not something that was chosen for you by others. While you are here at AUK, you will have the opportunity to learn new things, acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance your personal attributes in profound ways that will equip you for life religiously after you passed out of the University. At the same time you will make new friends who will become your friends for life, with whom you will share memories of your University days for many years to come.

Profile of the HOD SLT

B.Sc. (UDUS), M.Sc. (UDUS)
WebSite: www.auk.edu.ng


To provide procedures that include instruction of scientific theories and principles coupled with experimentation, hands-on design, build and test of projects that use those principles

  • • To allows students to experience the wonder of science through interactive teaching and cutting edge technology.
  • Help the students transfer what is learned in the classroom to the world beyond


  • To improve the teaching of science subjects by showing how different scientific methods and teaching approaches work to greatly improve student motivation.
  • To pique the student’s interest by teaching students science principles and relating them to the design and operation of everyday objects and to everyday experiences through hands-on experiments.