Welcome to College of Social and Management Sciences, Al-Qalam University Katsina

Brief History of the College

The College of Social and Management Sciences was established in the year 2013 with five Departments namely: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science and Sociology.

Four years after its establishment, the National Universities Commission (NUC) came for accreditation visit for the entire programmes in the College, which was successful, as all the programmes fully accredited and will be due for re-accreditation in the year 2022. In 2019 part-time programmes were introduced, which cover all the five Departments, under a Coordinator who is answerable to Board of part-time programme


The vision of the College is to impart relevant and meaningful knowledge of Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Political and Social Issues with high moral standard through modern research in social sciences and better teaching techniques, to compete effectively with similar Institutions in Nigeria and beyond.


The mission of the College is to pursue academic excellence in social sciences with high moral and Islamic values. It will also provide quality education through promotion social science research on issues related to improving economic and social welfare of the community.

Programmes offered in the College

 The College offers five Undergraduate Programmes, and several Postgraduate Programmes.

Undergraduate Programmes

  1. BSc. Accounting
  2. BSc. Business Administration
  3. BSc. Economics
  4. BSc. Political Science
  5. BSc. Sociology

Postgraduate Programmes

  1. PhD in all the disciplines above
  2. MPhil/PhD in all the programmes above
  3. MSc. In all the programmes above

Commercial Programmes

  1. Masters in Banking and Finance (MBF)
  2. Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  3. Masters in International Trade and Economics (MITE)

Others include

Masters in Business Administration (Special) Postgraduate Diploma Programme in all the disciplines above. The entry requirements are provided in the respective Departments’ profiles.