Al-Qalam University Katsina (AUK) is the first Islamic University and the only not-for-profit university in Nigeria. It does not receive subventions or grants from any of Nigeria’s three tiers of Government. It is owned by the Muslim Community (Ummah) as opposed to private universities owned by individuals.

The Vision of the University is to impart meaningful and relevant knowledge with high moral standing and fear of Allah (SWT) through the provision of up-to-date teaching and research facilities in informatics, sciences and humanities thereby serving as a model to similar institutions in Nigeria. The University is on a mission to pursue academic excellence in an Islamic, morally sound, efficient, and conducive learning environment. It provides quality education and promotes research and community service through high standards in students’ admission and staff recruitment.

The University enrols more than seven thousand (7,000) students and offers thirty (30) undergraduate academic programmes and forty (40) postgraduate programmes in the following four (4) Colleges:

  1. College Computing and Information Science
  2. College of Education
  3. College of Humanities
  4. College of Natural and Applied Sciences
  5. College of Social and Management Sciences

To promote accessibility of university education especially to children from low-income households, and particularly in the region where the University is sited, the university charges affordable registration fees – the least when compared to other private universities in the Country.

The university prioritises research in poverty alleviation, robotics, ICT for development, peace, stability and sustainable growth through multi-disciplinary approaches.